What is a

Dynamic? Static?

E-commerce Website?

These are the Common  regular Terms we hear in our inquiry for website design services. many new website seekers don’t know what these terms are , well we try to explain to make you understand.

What is 

Static Website ?

Brochure website

A Static website is also known as a Brochure website or a business website whose primary motto to represent their business organisation presenting the basic details like Business name and about business, the services it offers and contact details (some times a option to contact the business with a simple contact form ) etc.

Dynamic Website

A Dynamic website is called Dynamic because the content of the website changes Based on User, Location, Language,  Product/service, which means the content is Dynamical changes.

Further Dynamic sites can be

  • Interactive Websites
  • Portals
  • E-commerce Sites
  • Web Apps etc.
  1. Unless you want to interact with your customer you don’t need a dynamic website
  2. if you want to accept user registrations and user profiles and user-generated content to be published you need a portal.
  3. If you also want to sell your products/services online then you need an e-commerce website.
  4. if you are looking to offer services through web /mobile you need a web app that works with any design



Well Now you know what is what , many clients goes wrong / priced higher because of their specific requirement like I need certain server only or I need this frame work only even for static sites, which is not required actually, better go with designers advie in this case.